INFLOW Network and GAIA Agency have created something that has never done before! Every NFT you see here represents an employee of GAIA Agency.

GAIANs will provide you benefits as you mint! GAIANs NFT Collection holders will benefit from all the successes and developments of GAIANs. When a GAIAN is promoted or given a bonus for their success or completing a milestone, holders of that GAIANs NFT piece will be given a certain part of that monetary benefit as an INFLOW Token. Each GAIANs will be ready to meet and talk with you after the mint in order to share their experience and know how or even to talk about the marketing trends. Every GAIANs NFT holder will be given INFLOW Token Airdrop spontaneously after the IDO of INFLOW Token.

Mint these personas of our hard-working team, add them to your collection, and become a part of this unique experience!